Alpha Code is an American-Czech sci-fi/thriller/romance film, inspired by real events which happened to the film’s screenplay writer and producer Milan Friedrich. Alongside Milan the movie was produced
by an Academy Award winning producer: Phillip B. Goldfine. The director of the movie was Steven Seagal’s frequent collaborator: Keoni Waxman.

The cinematographer was Martin Štěpánek (President Blaník). The lead roles in the movie were performed by Bren Foster (Mad Max, The Last Ship), Denise Richards (The World Is Not Enough, Starship Troopers) and five-time UFC champion – Randy Couture (Expandables: Expendable, Invincible).


The main protagonist Martin Fell (Bren Foster) has been going through an unhappy period of his life. It has been 2 years since his wife Anna disappeared from their cottage in the woods and never appeared again. Martin is returning to the cottage with his daughter Teri (Sabina Rojkova) to balance their relationship, and put their lives back on track. But on their first night there Teri is also abducted. Martin wakes up in the hospital with no memory of what happened surrounded by suspicious agents lead by Agent Bowie (Randy Couture). He accuses Martin of being behind the two disappearances, and Martin is forced to escape before he is arrested.

Driven by his desire to meet his loved ones again, and to uncover their strange disappearances, Martin sets off on a dangerous road following symbols which start appearing everywhere he goes. On his way he meets Johana (Denise Richards) who also lost someone under strange circumstances in the past.

On their common way Johana introduces Martin to former UN agent Lance (Marek Vasut) who explains to Martin that everything he experiences is not what it seems like, and that everything is connected together… Lance gives Martin the tools to be able to continue on his way of clarifying mysteries of what has happened with his wife and daughter, and also to find out what is his role in the whole story…

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